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I will kill you eighteen different ways with this paperclip.

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fans of Ziva David
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Welcome to zivadavid, the first community dedicated to Ziva David of NCIS!
Maintained by dollrock.

What can I post here?
- Ziva discussion, pictures, questions, etc.
- Cote de Pablo discussion, pictures, questions, etc.
- Ziva fanfiction. Gen, het, slash, all Ziva ships are welcome.
- Ziva or Cote icons other fanart.
- Media like music videos or video clips, as long as they're in some way Ziva/Cote related.
- Promotion only of NCIS related communities. And once, not twenty times in a row.

- Please be nice to everyone.
- No bashing of characters, ships or Kate.
- Spoilers go behind a cut.
- Images wider than 300px go behind a cut.
- Fanfiction longer than 200 words goes behind and cut.
- No hotlinking of any pictures, ever.

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